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Horsfield Surgery, Colne and Eagle Surgery, Accrington to close following review

Following a review of a contract between East Lancashire CCG and East Lancashire Medical Services (ELMS), two GP surgery sites: Horsfield Surgery at Colne Health Centre, Craddock Road, Colne and Eagle Surgery at the Acorn Primary Care Centre, Blackburn Road, Accrington in Colne and Accrington will close in February 2018.  

The review came about due to the end of the contract between the CCG and ELMS and will see the two GP sites close as they have been found to be too small to continue. 

Horsfield and Eagle Surgeries are two GP surgeries run by East Lancashire Medical Services (ELMS).  ELMS runs two other GP surgeries, Pendle Valley Mill, Nelson and Brierfield Surgery and these will continue to provide GP services.

Patients at Horsfield and Eagle Surgeries are being advised that they can remain registered with ELMS which means that they would be able use GP services at Pendle Valley Mill Surgery in Nelson and Brierfield Surgery if they wish to. 

Alternatively, patients currently registered with Horsfield or Eagle Surgery can choose to register with another GP practice closer to home. The CCG and ELMS will be writing to all patients currently registered with Horsfield and Eagle surgeries to explain the process for registration.

Mark Youlton – Chief Officer NHS East Lancashire CCG said:

“We had hoped that the four sites could be brought together to offer the benefits of a larger practice but because of the distances between each of the sites it was clear that staff could  end up spending valuable time travelling between sites or would not be equally available to all registered patients. It is definitely preferable and more efficient for doctors and nurses to be seeing patients in appointments rather than travelling around East Lancashire”

The CCG and ELMS are working with staff at the GP surgeries as well as patients and stakeholders to ensure that any change is as smooth as possible and patients are supported ahead of the closure date in February.  The CCG is also working with neighbouring GP practices to ensure that they are supported to manage potential new registrations.”

The CCG is keen to ensure that the change is as smooth as possible and patients are supported. We are therefore asking patients to provide feedback via our online survey at https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/ELMScontract.  Alternatively, please call 01282 644627.

You can find out how to register with another practice here: https://www.nhs.uk/NHSEngland/AboutNHSservices/doctors/Pages/NHSGPs.aspx