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On Friday 1st July 2022 clinical commissioning groups (CCG's) across the country were closed and were replaced by new NHS organisations known as Integrated Care Boards.

Therefore, NHS East Lancashire CCG no longer exists and has been replaced (along with the othe seven CCGs in Lancashire and South Cumbria) by the new NHS Lancashire and South Cumbria Integrated Care Board (ICB)

Please visit the new ICB website

Successful deployment of Innovative medicine management system wins national award for saving lives and preventing unnecessary emergency admissions

An innovative electronic system successfully used by GP practices and managed by the Medicines Management team at NHS East Lancashire CCG has scooped a top award for improving patient safety.

Out of over 55 CCGs across the country East Lancashire Medicines Management Team, working in conjunction with 54 GP practices, was shortlisted for 6 awards for:  

• Overall Monitoring of High Risk Patients
• Best Monitoring for Anticoagulation
• Best Monitoring of Thyroid Medications
• Effective Implementation – Protection for Ischaemic Heart Disease
• Best Monitoring in Diabetes
• Effective Implementation in Diabetes – overall CCG winner

East Lancashire CCG was the overall winner in effective implementation in diabetes.

Each year thousands of patients die from medication-related incidents. In 2010 alone, there were 4.9 million emergency admissions and, of these, 6-7% of these were medicine related. Nationally, this has cost the NHS £8.8billion.
With each medication-induced emergency admission costing around £5,000, there is a potential saving of £1billion if a reliable system could be implemented to identify and support at-risk patients

ECLIPSE was developed by a Norfolk GP and was piloted in East Lancashire during 2015 in selected GP practices then rolled out across all 56 GP practices in the area. It is now utilised by more than 4000 surgeries in England (and that number is growing).

NHS East Lancashire CCG invested in ECLIPSE to help GPs to improve patient safety for particular conditions. ECLIPSE stands for: Electronic Care Leading to Improved Prescribing Safety & Empowerment. The system is a secure, and confidential system that allows GPs to ensure that patients are being regularly monitored to avoid potential complications. The system identifies patients who are at risk of unnecessary medical emergencies from medicines related harm. The system radically improves patient safety and saves lives in a unique way of helping GPs keep on top of the medication monitoring for their patients.

Dr Lisa Rogan, Associate Director of Medicines, Research and Clinical Effectiveness at NHS East Lancashire said:

“The recognition this system has achieved and the positive impact it has had on the lives of NHS patients across the country is incredible. I’m so pleased that working in partnership with our GPs we are ensuring East Lancashire patients benefit from this innovative system. It helps our local NHS to protect and care for those at risk of unnecessary emergency admissions to hospital.”

Dr Rogan added:

“I am delighted that we have been shortlisted for these awards because they show that the system works and that in the areas of therapeutic drug monitoring GPs are doing the very best they can for their patients in terms of safe prescribing. Following our work over the last 3 years on transforming diabetes services across East Lancashire, I’m delighted that we were awarded overall CCG winner for Effective Implementation in Diabetes.”