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On Friday 1st July 2022 clinical commissioning groups (CCG's) across the country were closed and were replaced by new NHS organisations known as Integrated Care Boards.

Therefore, NHS East Lancashire CCG no longer exists and has been replaced (along with the othe seven CCGs in Lancashire and South Cumbria) by the new NHS Lancashire and South Cumbria Integrated Care Board (ICB)

Please visit the new ICB website

Lancashire-wide review and harmonisation of clinical policies

Lancashire-wide review and harmonisation of clinical policies, which tell you the patient access rules for having these treatments on your local NHS

Have your say

We are now seeking views and comments on the latest clinical policies to be developed and reviewed by the NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) in Lancashire and South Cumbria. There are five policies in all, some of which relate to guidance issued by NHS England. For two of the policies this is the statutory guidance issued by NHS England as part of their second wave of Evidence Based Interventions (EBI2) work.

Clinical policies identify the criteria patients must satisfy to gain access to the treatments and procedures covered by these policies. The policies out for public engagement are as follows:

  • The Provision of Continuous Glucose Monitoring and Flash Glucose Monitoring for patients with Diabetes Mellitus (an existing policy updated to reflect changes in NHS England guidance)
  • Provision of Wigs section of the Policy for the Commissioning of Cosmetics Procedures (a local update to this existing policy)
  • Facial Nerve Physiotherapy and Electrotherapy (an updated existing policy)
  • Hernia (abdominal) Surgery (an existing policy in the central Lancashire area but a new policy for all other areas, updated and including a limited NHS England Evidence Based Intervention (EBI2) related section)
  • Chronic Rhinosinusitis Surgery (a new EBI2 related policy)

To read these draft policies and provide your comments and feedback please click on the link below. You will be asked to complete a short survey for each policy you wish to get involved in or are interested in. You will also have an opportunity to get more involved if you wish to do so.