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Statement: Accrington Health Access Centre

NHS East Lancashire CCG is announcing that it will extend the contract for the Accrington Health Access Centre to the 16th June this year. The extension of the contract will assist a smooth transition to a new system of extended GP access in the area, with a gradual reduction in opening hours of the health access centre service.

Mark Youlton, Accountable Officer at NHS East Lancashire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) said: “We can now confirm that the Accrington Health Access Centre will remain open until the 16th June. Other services provided in Accrington Victoria Community Hospital including the Minor Injuries Unit, the X-ray department or any other in-patient or out-patient services are not affected.

“The centre was originally established to provide additional access to health care for conditions that people would normally see their GP for. As such it was set up as a form of extended GP access and not as a service for urgent or emergency conditions. In December we introduced a new model of extended GP access in Hyndburn, which means that patients will have improved access to local GP services both on weekday evenings and over the weekend.”

Previously, patient representatives had agreed a set of principles for improving access to GP services. These principles were tested and supported by local people through consultation. The new model of extended GP access meets these principles and following the introduction of extended GP access in Hyndburn, the CCG will introduce this in other areas of East Lancashire over the coming months.

The extension of the health access centre contract will enable services to prepare and manage the transition to the new model of extended GP access.

Alongside improving and extending GP access in Hyndburn, the CCG has also invested significant funding into social prescribing and care navigation. These additional services are helping to guide patients and coordinate their journey through the health care system to get the right help and support quickly. Patients have told us that they appreciate this extra help, which is helping them to better understand what services are available and access the most appropriate services to meet their needs, including community support.