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On Friday 1st July 2022 clinical commissioning groups (CCG's) across the country were closed and were replaced by new NHS organisations known as Integrated Care Boards.

Therefore, NHS East Lancashire CCG no longer exists and has been replaced (along with the othe seven CCGs in Lancashire and South Cumbria) by the new NHS Lancashire and South Cumbria Integrated Care Board (ICB)

Please visit the new ICB website

Antisocial Behaviour

Anti-Social Behaviour 'Community Trigger'

Asking for a review of how your concerns have been dealt with

East Lancashire Clinical Commissioning Group is one of the statutory partners involved in dealing with antisocial behaviour in this area. We work with the police and local authorities to examine issues and try to resolve them.

Lancashire residents who have been victims of antisocial behaviour can request a review of how their case has been dealt with to decide whether anything else can be done to sort the problem out.

Under the ‘Community Trigger’, which is a key provision of the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014, victims of anti-social behaviour or their representatives can request a review of how their complaints have been dealt with.

The purpose of the Community Trigger is to give victims of anti-social behaviour the ability to demand action, starting with a review of their case, where the locally defined threshold is met.

The Trigger can be activated by a victim of anti-social behaviour or another person acting on behalf of the victim such as a carer or family member, MP or Councillor. The victim can be an individual, a business or a community group.

The relevant agencies that are held accountable by the Trigger are Councils; Police; Clinical Commissioning Groups in England and Local Health Boards in Wales; and registered providers of social housing who are co-opted into this group.

When a request to use the Community Trigger is received, agencies must decide whether the threshold has been met and communicate this to the victim. If the threshold is met, a case review will be undertaken by the partner agencies. Agencies will share information related to the case, review what action has previously been taken and decide whether additional actions are possible.

For more information about how to activate the Trigger in your area, please go to your local Council website and search Community Trigger, or select one of the links below: