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Innovative medicine management system awarded for saving lives and preventing unnecessary emergency admissions

The Medicine Management Team at East Lancashire CCG has won two prestigious awards for working with GP practices to introduce a system that identifies patients who are at risk of unnecessary medical emergencies from medicines related harms. The system radically improves patient safety and saves lives.

At a national Medicines Management Conference on 10 November, East Lancashire CCG won two prestigious awards in the categories of Effective Implementation: Protection for Ischaemic Heart Disease and Patient Safety: Best Overall Screening in Renal Impairment.

Dr Lisa Rogan, Head of Medicines Commissioning at East Lancashire CCG, was delighted with this achievement. She said: “The recognition this system has achieved and the positive impact it has had on the lives of so many NHS patients across the country in just 12 months is incredible. I’m so pleased that working in partnership with our GPs we are ensuring East Lancashire patients benefit from this innovative system. This helps our local NHS to protect and care for those at risk of unnecessary emergency admissions to hospital.”

Each year thousands of patients die from medication-related incidents. In 2010 alone, there were 4.9 million emergency admissions and, of these, 6-7% of these were medicine related. Nationally, this has cost the NHS £8.8billion.

With each medication-induced emergency admission costing around £5000, there was a potential saving of £1billion if a reliable system could be implemented to identify and support at-risk patients

ECLIPSE (Electronic Care Leading to Improved Patient Safety and Empowerment) was developed by a Norfolk GP. It was piloted in East Lancashire during 2015 in selected GP practices then rolled out across all 58 GP practices in the area. It is now utilised by more than 4000 surgeries in England (and that number is growing).

The ECLIPSE Live system is a revolutionary prescribing and screening computer system that identifies those at risk of emergency admissions. It brings together data confidentially and securely to create safety reports automatically. This empowers GPs locally to identify patients at risk of a medicine related emergency admission and helps both patient and the NHS to avoid unnecessary admission where possible.

This ability to prevent emergency admissions from medicine related events is saving lives and protecting more than 3 million patients within England.