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Do you know what to do in a power cut?

When it comes to a power cut many people don’t know what to do or who to contact.

Many wrongly turn to their supplier (the company they pay their bill to) instead of getting in touch with their local electricity distributor – the people responsible for their local electricity network.

It’s the job of your local electricity distributor to deliver a safe and reliable supply of electricity to your home 24 hours a day. They do this through their extensive network of overhead lines, underground cables and substations.

With winter underway, bringing with it the increased risk of severe weather that can cause damage to the electricity network, the three electricity distributors which serve the North of England have teamed up to help ensure local people know who to contact and are prepared if they do have a power cut.

Electricity North WestNorthern Powergrid and SP Energy Networks are recommending that people take five minutes to make sure they know who operates their local electricity network. You can check out the map below or find out by clicking here and then type in your postcode.