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Putting You at the Heart of Healthcare Services

Putting you at the heart of health care in East Lancashire. The most important part of planning and delivering health care services is PEOPLE. Here at East Lancashire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), we are committed to putting patients, carers and the public at the heart of the decisions we make about local health care services. AND to do that we want to involve (work alongside) you in the planning and scrutiny both of local health services in general and some specific health care services, such as hospital or community-based health care. We want to:

  • Encourage you to tell us what you think of existing services and where there may be different or new types of services needed;
  • Work with you in designing services which better meet the needs of local patients and the public; and
  • Put you at the heart of our decision-making.

We have already done a lot to engage with patients, carers and the public in relation to health care. But we are committed to doing even more.

  • We have asked patients what they think of primary care (GP and out of hospital) services. Involved patients in redesigning scheduled (planned) care such as dermatology and ophthalmology including changes that are most important to you, the people of East Lancashire.
  • We listened to what patients and carers told us and used that information to shape how we develop and deliver services.
  • We collect and analyse people’s comments about services from a wide range of sources, including feedback from GPs about patients’ experiences, direct feedback from the public at listening events held in community locations, media coverage of issues and complaints or feedback from the NHS website, to name a few.

We want to combine that information with the work that we do with patients and carers to plan, develop and commission (buy) services and monitor their quality and safety. These pages show you what we have done and ask you to tell us about anything else you may wish us to know. We can work TOGETHER to constantly improve health care services in this area.

Michelle Pilling, Lay Advisor and Deputy Chair, East Lancashire CCG
Dr Phil Huxley, Chair, East Lancashire CCG