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Primary Care Services

East Lancashire Clinical Commissioning group is responsible for planning and buying health care services in this area. We have been working with patients, GPs and others who provide health care (out of hospital in communities) for some time now to consider how we can improve access to health services in GP practices and closer to patients’ homes. These services are called Primary Care Services. We have listened to a wide range of views about the services and have worked together with patients to put together a range of key principles or values for these types of services in the future. These principles were approved by our Governing Body in January 2015. If you live or work in East Lancashire, we want you to tell us if you agree with these or if there is anything else we need to include or consider. We are particularly interested in hearing from people who may find getting access to health care more difficult, e.g. because of difficulties with English, disabilities, working patterns or for other reasons. Everyone’s views are important. The principles fall into three main areas:

  • Getting access to appointments and services closer to home
  • Better information about services and appropriate access for health care professionals to their patients’ medical records.
  • Increasing the number of primary care health professionals and ensuring they have the right skills to meet patients’ needs into the future.

Primary Care - what services are available

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GP Services

 In hours

Extended hours 

Home visiting

Out of hours

These are the services provided by a qualified doctor outside of the core opening hours of your practice which are 8.00 to 18.30 Monday to Friday. These doctors act for your own GP and mainly provide an “urgent” care response. Mainly provided from a clinical base, some home visits may also be available.

Primary care walk in services

Primary care walk in services can be provided by a dedicated walk in/health access centre offer the ability for patients to present on the day and wait for a doctor or other member of staff to be available to see them.

Primary care services

Primary care services are provided by your GP, Dentist, Optician and Pharmacist. In addition a number of services previously provided from hospitals are now available in your local community. Details about these are in Extra or enhanced GP services section.

Extra or enhanced GP service

To improve services to patients the NHS has been looking to develop alternative services to the traditional, hospital service provision. Enhanced primary care services enable your GP practice to provide new services, or example: diagnostic tests such as blood test and ECGs, minor surgery and other specialist services normally associated with hospital led services. 

 Wider primary care at scale


Self care management

Health promotion and prevention

Community services

Voluntary services

Social care

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