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Diabetes Service Model

Diabetes service model

Over the last 18 months the CCG has been working with East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust to improve diabetes services in the area.  More recently we held an engagement event in partnership with Diabetes UK at Burnley Football Club on the 9th June where we invited people with diabetes to review the proposals and to consider what, if anything could be improved.  The event was a resounding success with a good discussion about the value of bringing services closer to peoples homes which is a major principle of the new model.  We gave another presentation to the North West Diabetes Group in Colne on the 5th July and again, members of the group were broadly supportive of the proposals.

The service seeks to support patients in primary care through a single point of access and a diabetes hub.  This will free up hospital specialists to focus on those whose diabetes requires specialist input.  The aim is to improve the management of diabetes within primary care (GP services) so that patients can be seen in a timely fashion by the best trained clinician who has the right skills to meet their needs without it being necessary to visit an outpatient hospital clinic. A new enhanced primary care diabetes service will mean that there is more equitable care for the diabetic patients of East Lancashire who will be able to receive the right care closer to home.  The service will also enable secondary care to focus on more complex individuals. The new diabetes model relies more on integrated working across primary and secondary care. There will be a central hub that acts as a single point of access for patients. The hub which is led by diabetes specialists will ensure that individuals are seen in the most suitable setting. It is hoped that for the majority of patients this will mean that they can receive their care closer to home- via their GP practice.  However, if deemed necessary they will still have access to the hospital services.

Ultimately by optimising the management of diabetes in primary care and empowering patients to manage their condition effectively we should be able to reduce the complications that arise as a result of poorly managed diabetes. Not only will this prevent avoidable use of secondary care resources but more importantly will improve the quality of life for our diabetic patients.

The CCG is also organising a diabetes patient reference group to help us on our journey to continue to improve diabetes services and care, and we are looking for members to join this group.  If you are interested please contact us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..