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Our Mission, Aims, Priorities and Plans

East Lancashire CCG mission statement

“We will use our local clinical expertise, the available evidence and patient experiences to ensure that the right services are commissioned for patients to be seen at the right time, in the right place by the right professional. We will maintain a strong locality focus, with clinical expertise and patient experience and safety at the heart of all decision-making. We will harness efficiency and effectiveness in our work across five East Lancashire localities and will seek to commission safe, stable, high quality services where best practice is the standard. “

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Our ambition is that by 2018 the local health services we commission will characteristically demonstrate:

  • Excellent patient experience is the norm;
  • Patients, the public (and clinicians) are able to access the information they need, know what services are available, and where and when and how to use them;
  • Patients and communities are even more engaged in local health systems, and are better able to play a role as co-producers of their health and well-being;
  • Less variation in service across East Lancashire;
  • More primary and community-care based services, supported by a phased shift in resources from secondary to primary and community care;
  • More integrated and better co-ordinated working between all services – primary, secondary, housing, community, social and voluntary care; and
  • As a CCG we are a committed participant in a multi-agency approach to tackling health issues and health seeking behaviours.

We have identified priority areas where we will focus our commissioning activities to bring about real change in meeting this ambition and in improving services for local people.

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  • Access to urgent care
  • Developing primary care services
  • Developing services to avoid unplanned admission to hospital
  • Redesigning pathways of care in areas for services such as stroke, diabetes
  • Work to improve access to mental health services
  • Work to develop dementia care services

How we undertake changes in these areas will determine whether we succeed in achieving our vision. A core set of principles has been adopted to support the whole change process and underpin our organisational culture and the effectiveness of our decision-making.

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  • Patients are central to everything we do
  • The services we commission must be sustainable
  • We work in partnership to support the achievement of common goals
  • Patients experience truly integrated health and social care services
  • We commission high quality, safe and effective care

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Relationships will be conducted with equality and respect.

Listen and truly hear what is being said, proactively seeking participation from communities who experience the greatest health inequalities and poorest health outcomes.

Use the strengths and talents that people bring to the table.

Respect and encourage different beliefs and opinions.

Recognise, record and reward people’s contributions.

Use plain language, and openly share information.

Understand what’s worked in the past, and use knowledge that has previously been shared, and consider how to apply it to the present and future.

Have a shared goal and take joint responsibility for our work.

Take time to plan well.

Start involving people as early as possible.

Give feedback on the results of people’s participation.

Provide support, training and the right kind of leadership, so that people can work, learn and improve together.

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We will seek to build and sustain relationships with the many organisations, groups and individuals who play a part in the complex fabric of our local communities.   

pdf Strategic Plan 2015-18 (1.63 MB)

pdf Delivering the Forward View — Operational Plan 2016/17 (2.11 MB)


pdf Our 2017-19 Operating Plan (534 KB)